First of all let’s have a look at today’s most successful fruit commodity: Dried Nuts

According to many market analysis and HIS market, the dried fruit and nuts market have always been key to the manufacturing of biscuits, cakes, and confectionery.

The demand is increasing in international food markets as consumer preferences shift towards healthier snacking and plant-based foods.

With increasing demand and constrained to – shrinking supply, agriculture land becomes a convincing investment opportunity.

Fully Managed Farmland offers stable cash flow, portfolio diversification, and protection against inflation.

Farmland investments in permanent crops like almonds or walnuts offer the highest returns in agriculture.

Key facts about the global nuts market:

  • Spain is the largest European almond producer and grower, it is also the main exporter of this nut category.
  • Turkey is the leading producer and exporter of hazelnuts, accounting for an estimated 80% of world supply. Recent estimates put the 2019 crop at 800,000 kernel tonnes.
  • Turkey is also the world’s number one producer of dried apricots. Volume can be as much as 795,000 tonnes on an annual basis.
  • Demand for nuts has grown 10 to 12% every year over the last 4 to 5 years. The industry has benefited, as the health benefits of the products have come under the spotlight in the US and Europe.

Why managed Almond farmland is the Real deal?

Managed almond farmlands are resilient in Times of Turmoil, the have a long history of stable returns, and benefit from high yielding on a Risk-Return Basis.

Low volatility: Almonds managed Farmland returns have historically had less volatility than most other asset classes.

Low correlation: Farmland returns typically don’t move in the same direction as the stock market.

The Almond industry is one of the most stable among all the dry nuts industry.

From raw almonds to almond milk and all the alternative products in demand worldwide the Almond doesn’t get affected negatively as the demand is always high.

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