The changing world order now makes our lives easier. Rather than traditional house models, we now prefer luxury serviced apartments with living spaces and activities such as spa and pool where we can get rid of daily life stress. Because it is much more advantageous in every respect, here are the details.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are a variety of fully equipped apartments that can be rented in the long or short term, including daily cleaning, home comfort, and hotel service.

What is the difference between a Hotel and a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments are more convenient than a hotel. Especially if you are looking for comfort if you are on holiday, you can easily rent serviced apartments during your local trips.

Serviced apartments belong to you during the time you rent. You will be comfortable in the apartment; you will not feel strange. Everything has been considered for your comfort. Furnishings are fully equipped.

Since the serviced apartments also have a kitchen, you can cook in the comfort of your own home. Serviced apartments give you freedom for such household chores.

Serviced apartments are no different from a 5-star hotel in terms of common areas, activities, pool, spa, gym, children’s entertainment areas. It is possible to experience this luxury at prices more affordable than the hotel.

Is a Serviced Apartment Investment Good in 2021?

Serviced apartments that provide more comfortable and full service will be your savior during your business trips.

In the pandemic process that continues in 2021, hygiene is crucial for our health. Serviced apartments provide daily cleaning services. All you have to do is enjoy your apartment. Common areas are also regularly disinfected within the scope of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are thinking of making a smart investment in 2021, you can choose serviced apartments. Would you like to add value to your money in Europe with a high rental income investment model? Do not miss the opportunity to invest in a luxury serviced apartment in Montenegro with a strategic location on the seafront!

What will you get in Royal Blue Montenegro Serviced Apartments?

  • Montenegro’s most popular and central location, only 10 minutes from Tivat airport.
  • Fully equipped furniture and household items
  • Gym, infinity pool, yoga and pilates hall, spa, jacuzzi, sauna
  • Children’s activity areas
  • Security, CCTV, consultation
  • Open-closed parking area
  • Cleaning service
  • Home maintenance and repair operations

A peaceful life begins with the Far East’s zen details at Royal Blue Montenegro in the comfort of a home, hotel luxury. Do not miss the investment advantage in RB Montenegro, which has a high rental income and is attractive with its location!

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