Have you ever heard of Montenegro?

Recently, Europe’s shining star. So that, you may want to buy a house here and settle here soon.

Montenegro has many advantages lately. This charming Balkan country fascinates those who see it with its natural beauty. These natural beauties consist of various historical sites, Adriatic coasts, and unique natural landscapes. Therefore, the number of tourists increases exponentially every year! Thousands of tourists from all over the world and Europe come to see Montenegro every year. While the tourism industry is on the rise, it is very advantageous to own a luxury house on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegro is also in the final stage of the European Union accession process, and its accession is considered certainly. Can you believe how advantageous it would be to buy a residence before the process completed? This is the right time for investment, but what are the main steps of buying a property in Montenegro?

1. Start With Research

Search for the most suitable property and make a list of all options. Look at the homes that best suit you, their central location, increasing rental and sales values, their value in terms of tourism, and what type of facility they have. Is it a smart investment worth it?

2. Meetings and Get Offer

After making your decision, you can contact the company. They’ll send you an offer. After agreeing on the last payment price before purchasing, you can start trading.

3. Contact a Lawyer

For the next parts, you will need a lawyer, certified translator, and notary. The lawyer must also be from Montenegro. Your lawyer will both review the title deeds of the property and negotiate the contract process.

4. Contract Signing

A notarized purchase and sale contract is made mutually to protect the buyer. Your lawyer will accompany the process. The lawyer first examines the property, and if there is no problem, you will proceed to the stage of making this contract. The contract is delivered to both the buyer and the seller in a signed form.

5. Deposit

Before the notary, the buyer pays a deposit of 10% of the property to the seller.

6. Payment

Details such as Remaining Payment and delivery time are included in the contract and proceeds as such.

Invest in Montenegro is generally an easy process. Buying a house for sale in Montenegro will give you many advantages. Also, The Montenegrin state attaches importance to security.

Are you interested in House for sale Montenegro?

Those who want to buy a valuable house and get a residence permit in Montenegro generally prefer Tivat-Kotor and Budva’s coastal and port cities. The project in Tivat, Royal Blue Montenegro, allows you to make a smart real estate investment and, at the same time, offers you a luxurious life. The concept of “Serviced Apartment” and Zen design were used in the project. It provides you a complete luxury facility service with the quality of life. Nature and luxury come together with its unique Adriatic sea and mountain landscape.

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