The consumption of walnuts in Turkey and globally has been gradually on the increase over the past few decades. One way this has been possible is the new walnut products are opening up the market to more ways of consuming walnuts and consequently more demand for growers. This is largely due to the fact that walnuts are not only tasty, but also boost one’s health.

This health consciousness as well as the organic food drive has caught on in recent times. Production has literally doubled in some parts of the world. This would be bad for most other products in terms of pricing. Interestingly, the walnut market remains lucrative as ever. How this has come about is the focus of this article.

New products are vital for two reasons:

  1. Increased demand for walnuts overall because the pool of potential consumers is widened. It is important for the industry to work ahead of supply and create demand.
  2. These types of products can use different varieties and grades of walnuts without compromising taste. This means increased product appeal to customers.

New Walnut Products into the Market

Walnut milk and Walnut butter are two emerging products in the market. These two have considerably opened up new ways of consuming Walnuts. By tapping the popularity of plant based milks and nut butters, more people can incorporate walnuts into their cuisines.

Turkey, which is one of the leading walnut producers and markets, has shown versatility as well. Walnuts and hazelnuts have always been part of the country’s traditional cuisine. Walnuts are incorporated into traditional sweets and home dishes. This market has shown a consistent rise in demand and there is currently a deficit in production. Such is testament to how important walnuts have become globally.

Examples that can be found in your local supermarket shelves are Mariani Walnut milk and Elmhurst Milked Walnuts. In the contemporary world of convenient packaging and shopping, these products have become popular with consumers. In light of this, the walnut industry should explore more ways of diversifying products to take full advantage of the market.

People are increasingly conscious of healthy eating, especially in the developed world, it is vital that they have a wide variety of foods to choose from. Plant based proteins in particular are on the rise. As such, the use of walnuts in these innovative ways is helping to keep production high.

Besides the new innovations, there are creative ways to incorporate walnuts into traditional cuisines. Flavored walnut kernels in Asian countries in particular are a healthy snack option. Walnuts have been incorporated into diets, even just for flavoring.


The organic foods and vegan markets are yet to be fully tapped. As more people learn of the tremendous health and cardiovascular benefits of walnuts, things should look even rosier. This is why even more products are in the pipeline.

The secret to a product’s sustained success is adaptability to market trends. Indeed, it is often said one either shapes up or ships out. As such, the walnut industry is simply finding ways to remain highly profitable and expand.

The innovations are a welcome feature for all stakeholders in this industry. This means that investors and growers alike can bank on the future profitability of the walnut crop. It is now, more than ever, time to invest in walnuts.

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