Are you looking to invest in Turkey and wondering what the best investment options are? Look no further, walnuts farming is another solid option to try. It is an investment option that has consistently shown positive results for investors. Better still, Turkey is one of the best places now and in the future to invest in Walnuts farmlands. The future returns look are very bright. Here are some facts that backs this claim.

  1. Turkey only produces 40% of it walnuts Demand

Turkey is one of the world top producers of walnuts. However, Turkey only produces 40% to meets local demand. There is a deficit of 60%. This one means one thing: there is a very high demand for walnuts in Turkey especially the high quality variety. The most popular import walnut variety is the Chilean and the Californian chandler walnut. In a market with a population of 71.5 million and projected to increase going forward, it only means that for any walnut investor, the best times are definitely ahead. Those who grasp this opportunity will definitely laugh all the way to the bank in the coming years. 

  1. Walnuts first gaining popularity in Turkey

There is a growing consciousness on the need for healthy eating in Turkey. It goes without saying that lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases is one of the biggest killers in Turkey. The Growing consciousness to consume healthy foods will be a boom for healthy foods such as walnuts. Per capita consumption, which was estimated in the past as 2 kg/year, is now estimated to be almost 3 kg/year. In addition, the Increase in household incomes and rise in the popularity of organic foods is an added advantage that cannot be overlooked. This growing consciousness provides an excellent opportunity to firmly entrench walnuts as part of a daily intake towards boosting health and well-being especially among the younger demographic.

  1. Solid Turkish Government Support

In any economy, Government support is crucial. Government policy can either promote or kill an industry. In the case of Turkey, the government strongly supports walnut production. An example of active support measure to Walnut production is the Walnut Action Plan for farmers registered under the “Farmers Registration System”. Such support services not only help with scientific research in establishing the best growing conditions for walnuts, but also assists organization in marketing in both local and foreign markets. The Turkish government releases support measures each calendar year. For example, in 2017, the following subsidy was extended to walnut farmers:

100TL/ da (US$ 28,24/da) and 400 TL/da (US$112,97 /da) respectively for the establishment of orchards that are planted with standard seedlings and certified seedlings 30TL to 100 TL /da (US$ 8,47 /da to US$ 28,24/da) for organic agriculture; 50 TL/da (US$ 14,12/da) for Good Agricultural Practices; 350TL/da (US$98,85/da) for biological control; 110 TL/da (US$ 31,07/da) biotechnical control; 13 TL/da (US$ 3.67/da) for fuel and fertilizer;

  1. A solid Return of 24.3% by Investing with Us

Yes, you read that right.

We promised a return of 24.3% by investing with invest4land. There are other few credible investment options that can match such a return. Ask any financial analyst out there and he/she will tell you that if you get a return on over 10% per year for an investment, then you are doing the right thing.

The best time to be a walnut investor is now. The future is very promising to say the least. Make Turkey, the place to plant your walnuts and embark on a journey towards financial security and sustainability.






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